PORTL shaping foundations – Targeting (video)

In PORTL, students practice six foundational skills for shaping. One skill is targeting. A “target” gives the learner directional clues. For example, a target can tell the learner to push an object in a certain direction or to put an object in a certain place. This can greatly speed up the shaping process. This video … Read morePORTL shaping foundations – Targeting (video)

PORTL shaping foundations – Resets (video)

In PORTL, students practice six foundational skills for shaping. The first skill is resetting an object. A “reset” occurs when the teacher returns an object to its starting place or position. This make it easier for the learner to repeat a certain behavior and to not practice other behaviors. This video explains the concept of … Read morePORTL shaping foundations – Resets (video)

PORTL reinforcer system (video)

This video demonstrates the PORTL reinforcement delivery process. It shows what happens when the correct behavior occurs: – The teacher clicks the clicker. – The learner holds out a hand. – The teacher places a block in the learner’s hand. – The learner places the block in the bowl. – The teacher’s hand returns to … Read morePORTL reinforcer system (video)

Building duration inside a chain (video)

Adding more duration to a behavior can sometimes be difficult, even for teachers who are good at shaping. When the teacher changes the criteria for reinforcement, the learner may wonder, “Should I do MORE of this same behavior? Or, am I supposed to do a DIFFERENT behavior?” If the learner engages in other behaviors, this … Read moreBuilding duration inside a chain (video)

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