Courses & Events

The Shaping Skills Workshop

The Shaping Skills Workshop is a series of online courses taught by Mary Hunter. These courses will improve your shaping skills! You will learn core concepts and practice teaching more and more complex behaviors to human and animal learners.
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In-person workshops and events

In-person PORTL workshops allow you to practice your teaching skills with another human as the learner. Workshops consist of lectures, PORTL exercises, and discussion. You’ll learn about behavior principles and techniques that will help you create optimal learning situations when working with both people and animals.
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Virtual summits and webinars

In 2023, Behavior Explorer hosted two free webinars, one about Dr. Ogden Lindsley and another about compassion and the constructional approach. You can follow the links to watch the recordings for free.

We are working on planning more webinars and events for 2024.