Lessons from Dr. Ogden Lindsley

In this webinar, Dr. Rosales-Ruiz shared some of his favorite stories from his time working with Dr. Ogden Lindsley. 

He discussed what it was like working with Ogden, how to think about research, Ogden’s ideas about movement cycles, the acronym MUSIC, and more.

He even explained why you shouldn't milk a chicken!
The graphic shows the title for the webinar: How to teach a rat to lift weights and other lessons from Dr. Ogden Lindsley. Below this is a picture of Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz, a picture of Ogden Lindsley, and a drawing of a rat lifting a dumbbell. At the bottom is the text: "Join us Dec. 13!"

Webinar Recording

Webinar Table of Contents and Resources

We are working on a table of contents for the webinar, which we plan to post toward the end of December. However, we wanted to go ahead and make the recording available now.

Suggested article: Our Aims, Discoveries, Failures, and Problem, by Ogden R. Lindsley (1990). Jesús discussed this article during the webinar. You can find a PDF of the article on the Celeration website.

Who was Dr. Ogden Lindsley?

Dr. Ogden Lindsley was a pioneering behavior scientist who helped bring reinforcement and shaping out of the laboratory and into applied settings. His research spanned a wide range of concepts, but he was particularly passionate about fluency-based instruction and improving classroom teaching.

In late December 2022, Sloan Publishing will be releasing a book about Dr. Ogden Lindsley. The book, which is titled A Tribute to Ogden R. Lindsley: His Life and Contributions, features thirteen chapters by some of Dr. Lindsley’s students and colleagues.

To celebrate the release of the book, Behavior Explorer has invited Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz to give a free webinar about Dr. Lindsley. Dr. Rosales-Ruiz studied with Ogden Lindsley while he was working on his Ph.D at the University of Kansas.

About the book

A Tribute to Ogden R. Lindsley: His Life and Contributions
Edited by: Abigail B. Calkin

The book will be released December 21, 2022 from Sloan Publishing.

You can pre-order a copy now for 10% off and free shipping.

The book includes 13 chapters by Ogden Lindsley’s students, colleagues, longtime precision teachers, and Ogden’s wife. It is a charming portrait of Dr. Lindsley as a scientist, creator, and human.

Click here to view the book on the Sloan Publishing website.

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    • Hi Jan, Thank you for your interest in the webinar. 

      Yes, we are planning to record it and make the recording available. It’s our first time doing a webinar. So, as long as we don’t run into any technology issues, we should be able to post the recording on our website later this month.

      I would suggest that you go ahead and fill out the registration form. When the recording is available, we’ll send an email to everyone who registered.



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