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What is PORTL?

PORTL stands for the Portable Operant Research and Teaching Lab. It provides an interactive environment for learning about behavior principles and investigating behavioral phenomena.

The nearly 50 exercises in this manual can be used to model a wide range of behavior analytic concepts and principles. They will also help you improve your shaping and problem-solving skills. By the time you finish the final chapters, you will have the skills to design errorless programs and conduct your own research projects.

Visit our What is PORTL? article for several video clips and more information.

The manual is divided into four main sections:

– The first part of the manual introduces you to the game of PORTL. You will learn what supplies you need to play PORTL, learn how to set up the teaching environment, and practice the PORTL reinforcement system. It also includes several sample curricula that can be used as you go through the manual.

– The second part of the manual will teach you about differential reinforcement and shaping. The six shaping foundational exercises in Chapter 4 will help you see the component pieces that make up larger behaviors and let you practice teaching these components. As you practice these exercises, your shaping skills and problem-solving skills will improve. 

– The third part of the manual will allow you to model a variety of different principles and concepts using PORTL. This includes schedules of reinforcement, stimulus control, concepts, and behavior chains. As you complete these exercises, you will discover more about how behavior works. 

– The fourth part of the manual will acquaint you with errorless learning, inquiry projects, and research projects. The skills you have practiced in the earlier chapters will come together as you learn how to teach behaviors with minimal errors and practice using PORTL to ask and answer your own questions about behavior. 

You will need minimal instructions to start playing PORTL. However, as you gain more experience with the game, you can use it to ask and answer complex questions about behavior.

About the authors: Visit this page to learn more about Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz and Mary Hunter.

About the PORTL ebook

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In order to play PORTL, you will also need a PORTL kit. You can purchase a pre-made PORTL kit from our webshop. Or, you can make your own PORTL kit using these instructions.

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