PORTL manual – $36

Our PORTL manual is now available for purchase! (What is PORTL?)

This 200 page manual contains 40+ learning exercises. These lesson have been developed over the past seven years in our undergraduate courses, graduate courses, and professional workshops. The manual is a thorough guide that explains how you can use PORTL to explore the principles of behavior, improve your teaching skills, and conduct inquiry and research projects.

Click here to purchase a PORTL manual.

PORTL kit – $12

To play PORTL, you need your own PORTL kit!

Save time and hassle by purchasing a pre-made PORTL kit. Each kit contains a a collection of 30+ small objects, a clicker, reinforcer blocks, cue cards, and a handy storage pouch. An assortment of objects is included so that it will be easy for you to teach many of the behaviors described in the manual.

Click here to purchase a PORTL kit.

PORTL workshops

PORTL workshops with Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz and Mary Hunter allow you to practice your teaching skills with another human as the learner. You also get to play the role of the learner, which gives you more insight into how people and animals learn.

Each workshop consists of lectures, PORTL exercises, and discussion. You’ll learn about behavior principles and techniques that will help you create optimal learning situations when working with both people and animals. You’ll also learn foundation skills that will help you problem solve and think more creatively when designing teaching solutions.

Workshops are limited to a small group of attendees to allow ample time for discussion and questions and so that participants can receive individual coaching during the shaping exercises.

Upcoming Workshops

September 28-29, 2019, in San Diego, California
Hosted by Emily Larlham
Visit this page for more information and to register

Please contact us for more information about how to host a workshop in your city.

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